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Collider for the iPhone! Version 1.3 just released!
COLLIDER is an addictive, physics-based iPhone game featuring 70 intricate levels of play and dynamically generated music. Your goal is to destroy all of the positive and negative particle balls on the screen by making them collide. Place the available balls on the screen and then press play to navigate the particle balls through pipes, gears, sensors, bombs, springboards, pendulums, seesaws and more. An auto-save feature automatically saves your progress.   - 70 unique and challenging levels
- Computer generated music
- Option to play your own music
- Rewind and fast-forward controls
- Auto-save your game progress
- In-game tutorial
- Hours of gameplay

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Collider Lite (Free)
Collider In The News:
2/12/2010: Version 1.3 is released with OpenFeint support, 4 leaderboards, 35 achievements, speed rounds and individual level times.
2/12/2010: Version 1.2 is released adding 14 more levels that turn everything upside-down! Watch the video.
1/20/2010: Collider Receives First Fan Letter From Lol Cat
1/17/2010: Local Mom Sees Image of 'Collider Balls' On Toast
1/15/2010: iPhone Game Developer's Costly Promotion Ends in Terrible Failure
1/13/2010: Game designer humiliates himself in desperate plea for iPhone success

Collider Video: Do You Have the Balls?
Watch the video: Collider - Do You Have the Balls?
Collider Screenshots
Collider Screenshots

Collider Through the Ages
Collider - Through the Ages

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