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The Music of Collider

The music of Collider was built upon the dynamic music system that a designed for Block Drop. This time I added five separate instruments to the mix including drums and bass.

I couldnít get away with having the computer compose "random" music like I did for Block Drop. Random drums just donít work. Instead, I composed multiple drum lines, bass lines and melodies that I liked and let the music system choose and match them randomly. I also added an algorithm that swapped notes randomly within the bass line and melody, so they would be slightly different every time.

Once all the musical parts are randomly chosen, my system writes the complete composition. Instead of having all of the instruments playing all the time, the composition gradually builds first with high-hat, then bass drum, then bass guitar and so on. Different instruments come in and out throughout the composition to add variety of musical combinations and moods.

A random composition is created at the beginning of each level of the game, so hopefully the player wonít get tried of hearing the same music throughout the game. Hearing a different tune every time I play the game has helped keep Collider fresh for me even though Iíve played it a million times while testing it.

Please play Collider now and make sure you have the volume turned up!

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